We are sales development consultants, Collins & Collins and this is Smudge our dog and company mascot! We deliver a range of consultancy and training services, designed to increase your sales. Book our sales and marketing healthcheck now and see an immediate impact on your business...read on

Want your pitching to be more effective? We can improve your sales, by polishing your business and pitch presentation skills and by focusing on your key motivating messages.
We offer workshops, bespoke training and one to one coaching in pitching for investment, pitching for new business, presenting for tenders, general business presentation skills and conference speaking. Whether you are nervous and hate presenting or experienced and want to do better, we can improve your performance and success.
Are you maximising your sales, leads and ROI from events? Most people worry about what to say! We focus on 'sorting the talk' and ensuring exhibitors manage the conversation through the sales process to increase ROI and leads. 

We run workshops to prepare people for exhibitions and meet the buyer events. We also deliver exhibition effectiveness audits to ensure that you are doing everything possible to make the event work for you.

Do you want to increase sales and profitability? If the answer is YES, talk to us!

We conduct market and client research, write marketing strategies, deliver lead generation programmes, set appointments and follow up on leads from exhibitions.

We also deliver sales and marketing healthchecks to ensure you are spending your budgets effectively and that you are doing everything possible to find leads and new clients. We also offer sales and marketing training.
Julie Collins Profile, Collins and Collins Consultancy A classical approach to strategic marketing

Julie has a classical strategic marketing, new product development and branding background with McVitie’s, Allied Lyons and top London strategic design consultancy Coley Porter Bell. Nowadays Julie works extensively with UK Trade & Investment, Welsh Government, Frazer Nash Consultancy amongst others training people to pitch their ideas for investment, to hone their business presentation skills and to sell themselves more effectively at exhibitions. Julie is also a guest lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management and an ambassador for the Welsh Government’s Big Ideas Wales programme.

Tim Collins Profile, Collins and Collins Consultancy Helping companies to find new customers

Tim has a classical sales and exhibition background working with EMAP, Montgomery’s, and Vickers. Nowadays Tim works with a number of clients, providing sales development consultancy and services including lead generation, prospect identification and market analysis, helping companies to find new customers and maximise sales from existing clients. He is also asked by owners to sell their company as part of an exit strategy.

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